Tile is the most durable and long lasting type flooring. Installed properly it can last in excess of fifty years. (Hopefully you will change yours sooner though) At Emporium Flooring we have a massive selection of porcelain, ceramic and natural stone tiles.

Whether you are looking for a large format tile or mosaics we bring the best styles and values to our showroom. We are also installation specialists and are happy to give advice on shower design and waterproofing or subfloor and crack isolation issues.

There is no forgiveness with tile. A leaky shower or a movement crack in a floor can be devastating problems without an easy fix. The advantage of having Emporium Flooring design and install your tile project is that we provide a warranty and stand behind our work. Hiring a contractor directly often leads to people having a substandard job with no warranty. We would love to be a part of your tile project.